There are times when it is appropriate for a student of yoga to consider private instruction. Such times include when a student:

…is just getting started with yoga.

…has concerns about injuries or is recovering from illness.

…seeks to overcome limitations or plateaus in their practice.

…when a student wishes to work more deeply with a particular teacher.

We offer three different ways to work one on one.

Private Instruction in our studio

Chose from one of our instructors to work one on one in our studio.  We will custom a class to met your specific goals and needs.
$100–$150 per hour



Private Instruction off site

Can’t make it to the studio or seeking an instructor to come to you? Choose one of our instructors to custom a class off site.
$150–$200 per hour


In-Class Private

This is a wonderful way to go deeper while attending a regularly scheduled yoga class.   During an in-class private you are guided and assisted in each and every pose during class by one of our very own certified yoga teachers.  Hands on assists and adjustments are one of the most effective ways for students to correct alignment, build strength and intelligence in the body, release tension and work more skillfully when dealing with injuries.   Plus, they feel really good.  During an in-class private the teacher’s hands almost never leave your body as they skillfully move with you in and out of poses with care and compassion.

An in-class private can be scheduled during any class, with a teacher of your choice.
$60–85 (depending on teacher giving the private) in addition to the cost of class