Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice Coming to GGY!

We are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with Montauk Juice Factory to offer our students and community the freshest, most nutrient-dense cold-pressed juice and vegan snacks on the planet. MJF juices are cold-pressed, raw, and organically grown. We believe that MJF’s mission— to make healthy, pure, REAL juice and snacks part of a healthy lifestyle— is a great compliment to GGY’s philosophy.

MJF was founded by childhood friends who are obsessed with healthy living and share a strong desire to produce the freshest farm-to-juice raw power in a bottle.

Brothers, Bret and PJ Caretsky, grew up spending their summers in Montauk admiring the healthy lifestyles and the colorful characters in the community (the surfers, the foodies, the fisherman, the weekend warriors on their bikes and boards). The free-spirited lively people and the magnificent natural surroundings put Montauk on the map as a special place in their hearts. As college athletes, Bret and PJ always had a strong focus on being active and treating their bodies with respect. They wanted to inspire others to take an interest in their health, as well.

Madi was raised in a family where clean eating and caring for others were instilled as fundamental values. Interested in health and wellness, and with a thirst to know more, Madi enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified holistic health coach. Madi felt empowered by the network of like-minded people surrounding her. With a strong daily focus on juicing and organic foods, Madi had a big impact on the Caretsky brothers’ lifestyles. She helped introduce them to a lot of recipes, tips and principles that they started practicing themselves.

The three of them became fascinated with the world of cold-pressed juicing as a way to conveniently obtain all the physical, emotional, and mental health benefits of clean eating. This daily routine became a passion and sent them on a mission to serve the best juice they could possibly make to a spot they deeply treasured, Montauk. They wanted to create a space that felt inviting and relatable; a place where each drink was made with love and carefully designed with a specific benefit for optimal, overall health. They might have a free-spirited and laid back approach to life but they are serious about creating the purest, most nutrient-dense juice out there. They believe that living clean is a right, not a privilege; and, through their juices and their shop, they want to leave people and places better than when they found them. That is their drive and guiding principle and that is why they say they serve good vibes, straight up!

Lucky for us MJF is bringing these “good vibes” to GGY beginning Memorial Day weekend.

MJF will be opening a “pop up” store inside GGY–this means access to delicious healthy juices, snacks and products at your fingertips.

By the way, their juices are the best I have ever tasted…. And I have tried a lot.

To learn more about MJF check out their website

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