Why I resurrected my sneakers

About three years ago a ball my daughter was playing with rolled out into the street.  “Mommy, my ball” my daughter yelled.  “I’ll get it” I said while chasing after it.  I couldn’t run 200 feet without gasping for breath.  Seriously.  This caught me completely off guard.   I used to be able to not only run but sprint with the best of them.  Back in the eighties I was the “aerobic queen” teaching all kinds of fitness classes complete with leg warmers and spandex thong leotards (on the outside no less).  I taught every kind fitness class for close to 20 years: step aerobics, body conditioning, kickboxing, boot camp, pilates, spinning, even the short lived “slide”.  But the day I found Forrest Yoga I traded my sneakers for my Manduka mat and never looked back.  That is until the day with the ball.  It took me another year and the realization that my hyper mobile joints were starting to ache that decided to do something about it.  So I dusted off my sneakers and signed up for 12 one on one sessions with a coach at Crossfit Impervious.  It was brutal and humbling.  I could barely run around the block.  Or row for 200 meters.  Or lift a barbell.  But it was also exhilarating and life affirming. And I stuck with it.  Now, a year and a half later I can not only chase an errant ball without getting winded, I can do a pull up, climb a rope and deadlift more than my body weight.  And more importantly, my joints feel better then before.  I am no longer in pain.

This is why I am a firm believer in functional fitness.  Our bodies are designed to do things.  Lift, carry, walk, run, feel, touch, connect.  This why I supplement my yoga practice with Crossfit.

And this is why I have created a new signature class at my studio called Good Ground Yoga Fit.  GGY FIT is a 55 minute yoga inspired high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout which combines Forrest Yoga with the latest HIIT training techniques and traditional ‘old school’ body weight exercises. The result? A high intensity, core strengthening workout designed to amp up your metabolism, improve cardiovascular endurance, burn fat, build muscle and tone the entire body.

This class is for everyone looking to improve their overall health.  This class is for seasoned athletes and newbies.  Anyone can do it.  All you need is a willingness to try.  So dust off your sneakers and join me.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. And who knows you might just love it.

GGY Fit classes are Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 7:30am.

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  1. I could totally relate to your article. I’ve done all kind of work outs as well and trade them in for Yoga. In one year, I found myself gasping for air during a Jillian Michael’s work out, which is something I used to do with ease. I can’t wait for your class this Spring and Summer?. Thanks

  2. Okay Leslie, it started with a feeling, a longing to hit my 70th year in better shape. I read about GGYFit and was interested, but when I read “This class is for EVERYONE …NEWBIE…ANYONE” I am psyched. I will be in the back row on Tuesday.

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