Series & Workshops

“Life Lessons” Off The Mat Course Series

Transformative Practices to lead a more meaningful and inspired life.

With Leslie Pearlman

Life Lessons Off The Mat grew out of my 20 plus years as a yoga teacher, studio owner and educator. I have had the great privilege of watching countless people transform their body, mind and Spirit in both small and enormous ways. And what has struck me after all these years is that the biggest gifts are not necessarily the physical ones that come from doing yoga poses but the gifts that come from taking the principals of yoga (compassion, authenticity, integrity, to name a few) off the yoga mat and into one’s daily life.

It is for this reason that I have designed a unique and comprehensive program to bring the practice of yoga out of the studio and into your daily life.

How it works?

Sign up for one of our Month Long Courses (see below for our course offerings). Each course is built around a theme (such as Compassion, Courage, Creativity). Over the course of the 4 weeks we will explore IN DEPTH ways to bring this particular theme into practice and into your life. You will be given concrete tools, useful tips and guidance to ensure success.

Each Course includes the following:

4 Weekly Dharma Calls with Leslie
These calls begin with a teaching story about the particular course theme. We discuss the lessons in the teaching story and craft a “take away” to practice at home. We will discuss potential roadblocks and challenges and might come up and create clear action plans for success. These calls will be held live and there will be an opportunity for Q & A.

4 Audio Yoga Classes
Each audio yoga class is designed around the particular course theme so you have an opportunity to practice the lesson of the week on your yoga mat. These classes are appropriate for all levels.

Recordings of all of the Weekly Dharma Calls
Not everyone can make the live calls. This way you can listen to the call at your convenience. Since the information on these calls is extensive, having a recording to listen to again and again will help you to truly understand the material.

Private Facebook Group
It is helpful to have a outlet for community and support. This private Facebook group will give you an opportunity to talk about your epiphanies, challenges, questions or anything that seems relevant to share.



Registration & Logistics

To register go to MindBody click on the Workshop & Speciality Classes page.
Chose the Off The Mat Course you are interested in to purchase.
Once you register you will receive a welcome email with the call in information for the weekly Dharma calls, information about how to access the recorded calls and a link to the private Facebook page. The weekly Dharma calls will be held on Tuesday Evenings from 8-8:45pm.
Following the weekly Dharma call you will be sent an Audio Yoga Class for that week that you can download and listen to as often as you like.

Course Offerings:

(dates to be announced)

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Then this course is for you.

We will explore the Forrest Yoga Formula for Change.  The Forrest Yoga Formula for Change helps you discover what needs to change in your life, and how to bring that change to fruition. You will be given clear and effective tools for embracing healthy and effective shifts in your life such as working through the end of a relationship, or contemplating a new job.

The formula is simple:

  • Notice when you are repeating unwanted behavior
  • Pause and stop negative behavior
  • Give yourself positive reinforcement for catching the behavior
  • Move forward with different actions

Join me. I look forward to meeting you both on and off the mat.


Yoga for a Strong Body, Clear Mind, Buoyant Heart with Jessica Bellofatto

Sunday December 15, 2019, 9:00-10:30

Join veteran yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto for this master class to explore the ancient practice of Yoga asana and how it can be used to support us on so many levels- physically, emotionally, mentally- throughout the course of our lives.
Dive deep into a strong alignment based vinyasa class with Jessica’s signature style to work deeply on the body, unpack yoga philosophy in a relevant and accessible way to open the mind, listen and chant the vibrational and transformational language of Sanskrit to clear the heart, and then surrender into a delicious Yoga Nidra (sleep) experience to process and integrate your discoveries.
All levels welcome, but a minimum of 6 mths consistent yoga practice recommended.
Jessica Bellofatto has been studying and teaching Yoga for the last 26 years. From Iyengar to Ashtanga to Kundalini to Anusara, her teaching comes from a place of deep understanding through countless hours spent in her own journey of self discovery on the mat. A mother of three ranging in age from 6-18, doula, athlete, surfer, paddleboard instructor, certified aromatherapist, and symphony of the cells practitioner, Yoga has been a constant in Jessica’s life and she is a passionate teacher who respects and honors this practice in all of its forms.


New Years Day Celebration – Setting Intention for the New Year with Leslie Pearlman

Wednesday January 1, 2020, 10:00-12:00 $30

The New Year is a ideal time to take stock of the unhealthy influences and patterns we allow into our lives and learn to let them go– inviting change to take its place. Learn to assess what serves you well and what doesn’t and then be given the tools to change. In this workshop you will be given the tools to release negative thoughts, bad habits, grudges, destructive relationships or other anchors to the past that dim your Spirit to make room for the things that brighten your Spirit. This workshop will include Ceremony, Meditation and Asana. Suitable for all levels.